The second floor includes:

 1 - Main entrance

The Dominican Sisters of Saint Catherine of Sienna Maternity Hospital




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 2- The midwife with other workers enter the patient to the Urgent case's room if needs. The photo of the virgin Mary is in the hospital to give power of soul for patients.



 3 - The managerial supervisor - Head of nurses - Resident rotator - Babies Room - Duty doctor.



 4- Delivery unit : checking the pregnant and baby clinic.

    A- Normal delivery care during and after the delivery.

    B- Looking after the new born infant.

5- Abortion : The Dominican sister are after respecting and preserving life. As a result they dont approve abortion.











Delivery room






 6 - Refresh the baby breathing and foot stamp





 7 - Asample of a room ( 19 rooms like one in the photo ).




 8 - Staff clining room






 9 - The laundry - Small stores - Huge stores