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Building of this hospital had the profit of the honorable Bishop Paol Dahdah who supported the hospital by many means within it was spiritual or financial he made great effort make him hospital appear as a good picture to its future. we must not forget his great support without waiting for any gratitude but only for sake of Christianity.                  







    Our hospital was established 1992 opened on 25th Nov.1992. to take care  of infa and their mothers in their crisis and difficulties . The Dominican sisters who serve at the hospital spend long hours helping the doctors to save the most dangerous cases of pregnancy- and serve all patients in need of medical services offerd by al-Hayat.

    Al-Hayat opened its doors during the time of embargo and the crippling Economic    Sanctions which was the time of extreme deprivation for all Iraqi peopl. The recent Anglo-American war and dissolution of the regimehas resulted in increasing difficulty to secure the required medicines and medical  equipments.

   The Hospital lab. and sonar Clinic aim at helping the patients who needs quick  services, especially the pregnant women. Also we have an out patient Clinic for offering the the pt. treatment .




 The hospital services are :

A - 24 hours emergency clinic .

B - The capacity of receive all the maternity cases.

C - All the devices we are using are not sufficient, therefore we still need more developing devices

 The hospital staff :

* The hospital Manager.

* Head of nurses and managerial supervisor.

* Doctors rotators.

* Consultants doctors ( babies , anesthetists and baby care specialists)

* Nurses ( university graduates , professional nurses , Midwives and technicians)

* Workers ( cleansing , kitchen , laundry )

* Reception and exchange .

* Maintenance ( electrician , water drainage staff , air-conditioning staff ) .

* Guards.

Note : anyone or any charitable socities who desires to offer funds or donations to our hospital so that we may improve the midical care and services , please click on this link.  God blesses you.